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New Service's Introduced : Separate Building for Ladies operates with Ladies Staffs only.

Thanks to all ( সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ ) :

Thanks to all the participants and viewers for there kind cordination for achiving success to our annual program 2021. We will expect your cordially coardination in future also.
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আমাদের ২০২১ বার্ষিক প্রোগ্রাম সাফল্যের সাথে সম্পন্ন করবার জন্য এবং সকল অংশগ্রহণকারী এবং দর্শকদের তাদের সদয় অংশগ্রহণের জন্য আন্তরিক ভাবে ধন্যবাদ। আমরা ভবিষ্যতেও আপনাদের সুন্দর সহযোগিতা কামনা করি।
তুহিন কান্তি বিশ্বাস
( সম্পাদক )

SUSTHA JEEVAN (Barrackpur) is a well-known Psychiatric Care Center and Rehabilitation Center in KOLKATA for caring Alcohol and Drug Addicted Patients. It has its own 5 storied building situated beside BARRACKPORE KALYANI EXPRESS WAY. It has separate Dining and Kitchen room, Yoga Practice hall, Class room, Counseling room, Conference room, Doctor’s room etc. and another fully separate building for Female Patient which operates with total Female Staffs.

Illegal use of drugs is increasing day by day; both in children and adults. International Day against Drug Abuse and Unlawful Trafficking is held on 26 June annually. We perform various programs on the day with our patients, staffs and well-wishers. Its aims for creating awareness regarding drugs, its bad effect on physical as well as mental health and also against illegal drugs and its trade.

Alcohol and Drug Addictions...


Alcohol & Drug Abuse is a malady that has plagued mankind for generations, spreading its tentacles mainly amongst all classes of society. Addictions have affected millions of residents and destroyed untold amount of individuals and families.


At the micro level, Alcohol and Drug Abuse breed hatred, jealousy and violence, lowers self-image, causes financial stresses, emotional trauma and tears families apart. These manifest further at the macro level by destabilizing peace and harmony in the society and nation at large.


While many people are involved in the production and trafficking of illicit drugs, many more are affected by the devastating social and economic consequences of this problem. Drug and alcohol abuse not only affects the abuser and his/her life, but also the lives of family members.

Latest Works

Fully Separate Buildings for Male and Female Patients. The Female patients Building is operated by the Female Staffs only. We provide fitness and meditation training. We have IPD / OPD services. We provide free consultancy and many more…

Anti-addiction rally organized by Kolkata Police.

Sustha Jeevan

Sustha Jeevan Main Building

Sustha Jeevan

Anti-addiction rally organized by Kolkata Police.

The Female patients Building is operated by the Female Staffs only.

Our services are unique in many ways

* At least 10 renowned Psychiatrist available.
* Open for 24 * 7 hours.
* IPD/OPD Services: Treatment for all types of Psychiatric and addicted patients (both Indoor and Outdoor).
* Daily counselling is coordinated by at least 4 renowned Psychologist.
* R.M.O’s are available every day.
* Consultation is given by 2 or more general Physician.
* Psychiatric Services: Medication by renowned Psychiatrists.
* Psychology Services: Counseling and Psychometric test by dignified and qualified Psychologists.
* Qualified and dignified Psychologist appointed for all over the day for counseling the patients.
* Yoga, meditation and exercise is done in the presence of Yoga specialist.
* Music, Art, Drawing, Drama, Dance, Song, and Poetry etc. classes are taken by the experienced Art therapist.
* 24 x 7 Security personals and Wardens’ looks after indoor patients.
* 24 x 7 CCTV Camera surveillance for the security of the patients.
* 24 x 7 Adequate Purified Drinking Water supply is available for all.
* Generator Services is available as substitute of electricity or whenever it is necessary.
* Separate Building for Male and Female patients.
* The Female Unit maintained and operates with the Female Staffs only.
* Patient’s party’s phone calls allowed to the patients on doctor’s advice.
* Fully secured with CCTV Camera and Security Guards.
* We have our own medicine shop.
* Homely caring atmosphere.
* Pick and Drop Car and Ambulance Services.
* Rehabilitation Services.
* Social Work Services.
* Guardians meetings are organized in every Sunday afternoon.
* And many more, for details please contact us.

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SUSTHA JEEVAN Society is a non-profitable organization. We provide Psychiatric Care Centre, Psychology Centre and Rehabilitation Centre in a very friendly environment at the fringes of Kolkata in Barrackpur, West Bengal. All these services are provided in a very nominal charge . . .

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We are always egger to help you. We have (24 x 7) support. We provide free Consultancy. So, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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