• Sustha Jeevan ( Wireless Gate and Jaffarpur ), Barrackpore-Kolkata, WB, India

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Susthajeevan near Jaffarpur

Sustha jeevan
(East side of Kalyani Expressway between Jaffarpur Army Firing Range and Milk Colony)

Babanpur, Kolkata - 700122, West Bengal, INDIA.

Susthajeevan near Wireless Gate

Sustha jeevan
(Near Wireless Gate West side of Kalyani Sodepur Expressway)

Chak-Kanthalia, Kolkata - 700122, West Bengal, INDIA.

Sustha Jeevan can recover a person in scientific ways with the help of renowned doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists by means of solutions like: Counseling, Yoga therapy, Performing Arts therapy and Medication (if necessary). If a person:
  1. Want to get complete relief from Addiction and want to get Rehabilitation from Addiction.
  2. Have lack of Concentration (e.g.: in Children Studies) or doing or Bad Behavior.
  3. Suffering from Depression.
  4. Want to improve Performance or Mental Health.

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